New Patent for Hitch Mount is exclusive choice for ATV, UTV, and Tractor Spraying

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Adjustable Boom Kit Design Improves Spraying Effectiveness And Limits Waste

Fontanet, IN–January, 2020 – Green Leaf® is excited to announce the grant of US Patent #10,405,475 for the newly developed Hitch Mount Boom Kit designed for its lineup of Workhorse Sprayers.

Featuring an exclusive Hitch Mount System, these boom kits are designed to be mounted on any Lawn and Garden Tractor, All Terrain Vehicle (“ATV”) or Utility Vehicle (“UTV”) with a standard 2” receiver hitch.

Available in both 5 Nozzle and 7 Nozzle options, this patented Boom Kit can be used with pumps capable of 2.0 gpm flow and greater to spray water, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and growth regulators. By creating an easier, quicker way to attach a spray boom, Workhorse’s new series of hitch-mounted boom kits are the perfect choice for spraying lawns, gardens, driveways, ditches, pastures, orchards, and more.

“We designed this system with an adjustable ‘Z’ pattern arrangement, so that the support allows you to select the height and angle you want for the nozzles,” stated Greg Mansfield, Vice President of Sprayer Operations at Green Leaf. “With 300 degrees of adjustability, you can customize it for the optimal coverage density and spray pattern you need. That way, it gives you options for more targeted coverage to limit waste and run-off. And that means safer, more efficient spraying.”

“This new patent really reinforces our commitment to engineering,” said Pete Goda, President of Green Leaf. “Our engineering staff includes four full time engineers with over 75 years of combined experience. It’s what allows us to continue pushing the industry forward.”

Built with the quality both Workhorse and Green Leaf is known for, these sprayers will provide the dependability needed season after season. Green Leaf is dedicated to listening to customer’s needs and reacting quickly with new product development, backed by quality assurance and superior customer support.

About Workhorse Sprayers

Workhorse is a division of Green Leaf®, Incorporated, which has been manufacturing products for the agricultural industry in 1979. Engineered for performance and reliability, Workhorse offers a complete line of sprayers, including broadcast sprayers and spot sprayers for your ATV, portable lawn sprayers, 3-point tractor sprayers, skid sprayers, spray pumps, spray guns and accessories. 


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